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Silent Features

Faculty Team :   In Talent+ classes have a group of highly experienced and well qualified faculty member's in this field and their quality and innovative teaching with talent tricks & techniques.

Study materials :   Topic wise course assignment/materials beside theory a vast bank of numerical provided; hence application part is highly emphasized.

Daily Practice Problem (DPP) :   We give the daily practice problem sheet in each class for practiced at home and later the same is discussed in next class.

Student Doubt Clearing Classes (SDCC) :   To clear individual doubts student can come for personal attention of the faculties. The objective is to clear the doubts of the student's same day.

Fort-nightly Progressive Evaluation Test :   At the end of every 15 day's student's are tested for their proficiency in the topics covered till date.

Board Pattern Test :   As the students will be pursuing their school exam. we will be conducting school pattern test on regular basis to improve their performance in their school.

Reshuffling Test :   After three-four months of teaching a test is taken based on syllabus covered till date. Reshuffling is done one the basis of this test and class test.

Motivational Class :   Time to time motivational Classes namely "Time & Stress Management and Maximizing Performance for School/Board/Engg./Medical exam" will be organised.

Performance and Attendance :   Report are sent at the end of each month through E-mail / SMS.

Timely Completion of Course :   All courses have proper teaching plan to complete the course as per schedule and students can have ample time for revision class set study and preparation of board examination and forth coming competition.

Calling :   For regular touch with the parents and keep them absent of their wards performance and progress.

Counselor :   We have experienced academic counselor for students support. Homely environment is provided for the students so that they don't hesitate in sharing their problem and we can provide proper solution.